Teach me! Gamamichi! Rookie Chief's Handbook

Enhance your shinobi!

  1. STEP1 Equip a Ninja Card

    Equip a Ninja Card and you can use a shinobi's Ninjutsu, Ultimate Jutsu, and EX Ultimate Jutsu!
    Get Ninja Cards from Summons!
    You can level up a Ninja Card's Card Level by consuming Chakra!
    Keep in mind that Jutsu can only be used by the shinobi that appear next to "Equippable By" on the Ninja Card!

    Equip a Ninja Card to use Ninjutsu, Ultimate Jutsu, and EX Ultimate Jutsu!

  2. STEP2 Awaken Your Shinobi

    Get Hero Fragments from the Shinobi Cultivation Mission Point Exchange and Roundup Missions to awaken your shinobi! Awakening shinobi raises their stats and increases the amount of abilities they can unlock!

    Collect Hero Fragments......and increase your stats!

  3. STEP3 Unlock Abilities

    Awakened shinobi can unlock new abilities by using Ability Points! Get Ability Points from Ninja Way Missions, Special Missions, or by selling your unwanted Ninja Cards! Evolve Ninja Cards to get even more Points when selling!

    Unlock abilities to raise a shinobi's stats and enhance their Ninjutsu, Ultimate Jutsu, and EX Ultimate Jutsu!

  4. STEP4 Equip Ninja Tools

    Get Ninja Tools by creating them at the Factory or exchanging them with Event Points from Roundup Missions!

    Equip Ninja Tools to increase your shinobi's stats!

Take on Missions!

  1. STEP1 Ninja Way Missions

    Ninja Way Missions are recommended for beginners!Make your way through missions packed with various traps and enemies!
    Ninja Way Missions have 3 chapters!Clear them all to enhance your shinobi and Ninja Cards!

    Recommended for beginners! Defeat the enemies that appear here!

  2. STEP2 Special Missions

    Get materials needed for enhancement from Special Missions!
    Shinobi Cultivation Missions are especially recommended!
    In these missions, you can get Dumplings on a Stick that can be exchanged for Summoning Tickets and Hero Fragments at the Exchange, which can help to enhance your shinobi!
    Get Ninja Tool Materials needed to make Ninja Tools and Evolution Materials for Ninja Cards in the Daily Missions!

    Get enhancement materials here! Stages only available once per day have great rewards!

  3. STEP3 For Those Wishing to Become Even Stronger

    If you want to take things even further, check out these missions!

    •Surprise Attack Missions
    Limited time missions where you can battle giant enemies!
    Defeat Giant Bosses to get Point Rewards and Ranking Rewards!

    Take on these giant enemies!

    •Roundup Missions
    Features: Take over fortresses featuring tough enemy shinobi that change during each mission period!
    Deploy with Specific Shinobi and collect Event Points, as well as get Hero Fragments and exclusive Ninja Tools!

    You can get Hero Fragments for specific shinobi and exclusive Ninja Tools here! Get even more Event Points when you use Specific Shinobi!

Tips for Advancing

  1. ~Battle Tips~

    Use Ninjutsu attached to Ninja Cards during battle! Each Ninjutsu has a cool down time once used, but it's still possible to reuse them!
    However, you won’t be able to use them if you run out of CP!
    Ultimate Jutsu are incredibly powerful, so their cool down time is long. They also expend a large amount of CP, so only use them in a pinch!

    Using Ninjutsu and Ultimate Jutsu expend CP! Keep in mind the cool down time for each Ninjutsu and Ultimate Jutsu!

  2. ~For Even Further Enhancement~

    Evolve your Ninja Cards once you've maxed out their Card Level! You can get the materials you'll need to evolve them from Daily Missions (found under Special Missions)!

    Collect Evolution Materials...And unlock their level limit to enhance them even more!

    Once you've awakened a shinobi, it's time to try Super Awakening! Get Hero Gems necessary for Super Awakening from the Roundup Mission Point Exchange and Attack Mission Medal Exchange! Only some shinobi can be Super Awakened! Make sure you check out which can if you want to have the strongest shinobi out there!

    Super Awaken your shinobi......and unlock the Link Board to increase their stats even more!

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